Twerk After Work™ — Twerking Classes in London, Dublin & Amsterdam
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Lead a fitness


in your city.


the time is now 🚀

If you have spent days (and nights!) dreaming about breaking away from the ‘norm’, we understand. That was our story.

Then one day we FINALLY made it happen: we escaped the struggles of corporate life and Bam Bam Boogie® was born.

In two short years we have reached thousands of women worldwide, and now we're helping you do the same.


become a certified Twerk After Work™ Instructor

and you will get…

  • Full control of your fitness entrepreneur schedule

  • Support from our global network of Twerk After Work™ Instructors

  • Branding and marketing advice from experts who have worked at industry giants like Google

  • Cross-promotion on the existing Twerk After Work™ to over 10,000 potential customers

  • …and the PRICELESS feeling of being a girl boss who helps other women live their best lives.


meet SOME of our badass instructors:

Tatiana became a successful fitness entrepreneur with the help of Bam Bam Boogie

Tatiana Ponto Santos (Dublin 🇮🇪)


Dancing has always somehow been part of my life, as a dancer, choreographer or performer. But something has changed after becoming a Twerk After Work™ instructor. In the past I felt like I had an ‘inappropriate’ body for dancing and I was always trying to fit into a box.

Now I have found a non-judgemental space where I am free to be me. “Community over competition” has become my motto and I am happy to know I’m encouraging other girls to feel good on their own skin as well.

Tatiana became a successful fitness entrepreneur with the help of Bam Bam Boogie

Haelee Reis (Dublin 🇮🇪)


My first Twerk After Work™ class absolutely blew away all my fear-based presumptions of dancing. This class is something everyone should experience at least once in their life!

Becoming an instructor changed my life and opened so many doors to incredible opportunities and people. Being able to provide space for a fierce female community beyond rewarding. We as Twerk After Work™ instructors hold a space for free expression and of absolute inclusion. A space where you feel supported and encouraged. We just happen to do it while being badass tail-shaking queens!