Twerk After Work™ — Twerking Classes in London, Dublin & Amsterdam
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Twerk After Work™ — Twerking Classes in London, Dublin & Amsterdam
Fun twerk classes and twerking classes for fearless women. London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Toronto


From the gym to the boardroom, Bam Bam Boogie® empowers high-performing teams from some of the world’s largest and most influential companies.

Innovative Wellbeing and Team Productivity Solutions like you’ve never seen it before.

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How do we motivate our Millennial and Gen Z workforces?

How do we increase innovation in a large company?

How do we improve morale and productivity?

These are some of the biggest challenges that face organisations today. Attention is divided up across many channels — from digital media to the traditional workplace environment. BamBamBoogie® helps corporate teams to rediscover their passion within the workplace. Increased passion leads to greater engagement, innovation and ultimately a sharper competitive edge.

We bring combine our results-driven entrepreneurial spirit with our experience working with leading tech companies to help strengthen your corporate team.

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Bam Bam Boogie and Twerk After Work provide corporate solutions for team building. Human Capital Development and Leadership innovation. Fun Ideas

Enquire below to find out how we can develop a tailored support plan for your team.

Services include:

1. Wellness Workshop

An interactive session that demonstrates how wellness radically improves our personal and professional performance. Workshops typically last for 90 minutes and are perfect for up to 60 guests.

2. Motivational Speaking

Our founder, Bami shares her inspirational story of navigating mental health, passion and business in the Corporate World, helping audiences to increase their efficiency and maximise their potential in the workplace. Talks typically last up to 1-hour with an interactive audience energiser, perfect for groups up to 500.

3. Fitness Class (Team Building)

A high-energy team building fitness class accessible to all staff. Ideal for improving rapport between teams and energising them to smash targets back at the office. This 45-minute session is perfect for groups of 30-60 people depending on venue size.